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NTXSOM Seminar


The North Texas School of Ministry has two parts – independent study & a once a month in person seminar. The seminar portion of our program is what makes this a unique experience compared to studying with Global University independently.


The seminar’s purpose is two-fold: first, to review the key points in the course manual to prepare students for the course exam; second, to dig deeper into the topic at hand & answer the question, “How does this material apply to my daily life & ministry?”

Seminar instructors consist of local pastors, leaders, & academic professors. It is our intention to provide quality instructors who can effectively communicate course material & demonstrate how it integrates into ministry & Christian living. 

  • The NTXSOM Assistant Director will determine the specific course you will begin the program with, based on the information you select on the New Student Enrollment Form. 

  • Courses repeat in the same order each year & so you can enroll at any point throughout the year. 

  • Once enrollment steps have been completed & processed by the NTXSOM Assistant Director, you will receive your course materials for your first course.

  • You will read & study the manual in advance of the seminar. You will want to complete the entire manual & come to the seminar prepared for the exam.  


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