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The North Texas School of Ministry is a community of learners seeking a greater knowledge of God’s Word & the principles of ministry.

The courses can be applied to the pursuit of ministerial credentials or simply study to build a biblical framework for life & church ministry.

The North Texas School of Ministry is a Global University Study Group.

We combine the independent study of the student with a once a month in-person classroom instruction from highly qualified & experienced instructors. 

The student reads the course manual in its entirety before the date listed for the class. We recommend that the student come to the class prepared to take the final exam at the end of the class day, or in the days following the class. This will ensure that the student is ready to start reading the course manual for the next class and that they do not fall behind in their studies. Refer to the Schedules & Locations tab for full schedule.

This is not an online program. Course materials & examinations will be provided online, but the instruction is a once a month in-person seminar. We feel strongly that nothing quite compares to in-person instruction & a community of learners working towards the same goal.

The NTXSOM provides all the courses required for ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God. All course material is provided by Global University, a fully accredited university in Springfield, MO.

Please Note: The North Texas School of Ministry provides the academic requirements necessary to APPLY for credentials. Completion of the NTXSOM courses do not guarantee credentials.

The courses are also available to students that are NOT seeking credentials but wish to learn more about God's word and ministry. 

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