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​Final Examination & Assignments

Each course requires a passing Final Exam, complete Study Guide & Unit evaluation, and class participation to be considered complete. The only exception is the Ministerial Internship Courses. They require a passing Final Exam & submission of a completed Mentor Evaluation Forms. 

Final Exam​​

  • Complete exam the day of the seminar after you have completed the course manual and assignments.

  • Paper exams will be issued at the end of the seminar day to complete and to be graded.

  • Exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions.

  • All exams are closed book.

  • There is no time limit when taking the exam.

  • Exam must be completed in one sitting.

  • The grading will take place the day of the seminar, but will not be available until all assignments are finalized. Grades will be emailed to you on the following Tuesday. 

​Study Guide & Unit Evaluations​​

  • Study Guide & Unit Evaluations are both graded and required. You will not receive credit for the course without satisfactory assignments submitted. 

  • These assignments are not required for the first attempt at a re-take exam. 


Final Grade Report

  • Your grade will be emailed to you once the exam & assignments have been graded.

  • If you did not pass (70 or higher), you will need to Re-take the exam at the next seminar.


  • 50% Course Examination

  • 25% Study Guide and Unit Evaluations

  • 25% Participation during classroom instruction and value-added content.

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