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Waxahachie Campus

Seminar Handout


Seminar Schedule

8:00 Doors Open

  1. Name Tag, first name only

  2. Check in with Rachel - Register for your next course

8:30 Devotions & Announcements - Chapel Room - 1st Floor

*coffee, water, donuts, & snacks - 1st floor kitchen*

9:30 Seminar

Classroom Locations

  • Certified- Executive Conference Room, 2nd Floor

  • Licensed- Sect-Tres Conference Room, 2nd Floor

  • Ordained- EAC Small Conference Room, 2nd Floor

12:30 Lunch- Upper Room, 3rd floor

1:00 New Student Orientation

1:30 Seminar- Same classroom locations

3:30 Testing *may begin earlier, but this is the latest the seminar will go*

  • Online testing is available for students when you log into your Global Student Portal. 

  • There is no time limit on the test. However, you must complete the exam in one sitting.

  • Paper Exams are available by request, come by Brooke’s office on the 2nd floor.

  • Both online and paper exams can be taken at end of seminar or be taken at home.

  • We encourage students to come prepared to take the exam at the end of the day.

  • A final grade will not be issued by Global University without both passing grade on the exam and a satisfactory SLR.

  • We highly encourage you to refer here for full instructions for exam & SLR.


Brooke's Top 5 NTXSOM Success Tips

  1. Come to class!

  2. Check your email often.

  3. Stick to the set schedule, sign up for your next class!

  4. Utilize practice exams in your book/on portal.

  5. Take your exam as close to the scheduled seminar as possible.

Important Reminders

  • Front doors of building are required to remain locked after 8:30 am. 

  • Coffee, water, & snacks are available in the main floor kitchen only.

    • Do not use any other coffee machines or snacks throughout the building. These supplies were paid for by other departments.

    • Do not attempt to make coffee.

    • If more coffee is needed, please let Brooke or Rachel know.

    • Be mindful of the noise level in the kitchen throughout the day, the Licensed level classroom is directly next door to the kitchen.

  • Wifi is available in the building. Select ‘Guest’, there is no password.

  • Help us by cleaning up after yourself in the classroom & after lunch. Throw away any trash & push in your chair. These small contributions go a long way in helping us wrap up at the end of the day.

  • The NTXSOM website is a great place to get answers to common questions. Students should refer to this resource first.


NTXSOM Office Hours

District Office

Monday- Thursday 9:00 - 5:00

  • Please take note that the District Office is closed on Fridays.

  • Emails & phone calls received after 4:30 on Thursday will not be returned until Monday.

  • This also applies to registration & book store orders placed online.

  • Office visit is by appointment only.

  • NTXSOM Office hours fluctuate without notice.

  • Students should call ahead before coming out to the District Office.


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