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Ministerial Internship Courses


Ministerial Internship course registration is currently CLOSED

It will open again September 1, 2023

Internship Orientation

  • The final courses of the year on the schedule are:

    • the Beginning Ministerial Internship (Certified)​

    • the Intermediate Ministerial Internship (Licensed)

    • & the Advanced Ministerial Internship (Ordained)​

  • Course takes longer to complete and so students will need to begin working on this material while also keeping up with their regular month-to-month class. ​

  • Course requires the student to work with a local pastor/minister to gain hands-on experience. Various ministry activities are outlined in the course manuals.

  • There are 2 course manuals for this class, one for the student & one for the mentor.

  • The course manual consists of twelve chapters/lessons.

    • Each chapter/lesson is designed around a meeting with the mentor.

    • The student & the mentor both read the chapter/lesson and then come together for a meeting to discuss the material.

    • It is intended that such meetings occur regularly, for approximately one hour each.

    • Whenever possible, the student should meet with the mentor on a weekly basis.  

    • It may be necessary to combine a couple of chapters/lessons. Students & mentors should not combine more than three chapters/lessons into one session.

    • Meetings with mentor can be digital or over the phone if necessary.

Mentor Selection

  • Each student will need to select a mentor for his/her internship.

    • The mentor will usually be the student's senior pastor, a staff pastor, or other person designated by the pastor to serve in the role of mentor.

    • If the student is the senior pastor, then the student should consult his or her sectional presbyter to assist in the appointment of a mentor. 

    • The mentor should not be closely related to the student. 

    • The same mentor can be used for more than one student at the same time. Mentor & students can meet as a small group. No more than 3 students per mentor. 

    • The mentor must be a Licensed or Ordained Minister.

      • Licensed Ministers may serve as mentors to Certified students.

      • Ordained Ministers may serve as mentors to students at any level.

      • Certified Ministers are not eligible to serve as mentors unless a written exception is made by a district official.

  • Once the mentor has been selected, each student MUST submit the mentor's name & church to the NTXSOM office. This is to ensure the mentor meets the requirements to serve in this role.

  • Please make sure and give the mentor the Mentor Packet. This contains important information. 

Online Registration

  • Please complete the online Internship Course Registration Form to register for the course and receive the Mentor Manual shipped to the address provided.

  • The printed Mentor Manual is included in the cost of the enrollment.

  • The digital eBook Student Manual will be made available on student’s GU Student Portal. A printed copy can be purchased with the Book Store Order Form

  • A small deposit and shipping fee are collected at time of enrollment.

  • The remaining balance will be paid in November when the fee for the December seminar is usually collected.

Final Exam & Final Evaluation Forms

  • The Final Exam is available on the student's GU Student Portal. 

  • All NTXSOM Campus classes will attend the December seminar in Waxahachie. Please note- there will not be a December seminar at any other campus.

  • There is no Service Learning Requirement for the Internship courses. 

  • Instead, each mentor must submit the Mentor Information Form and Final Evaluation Form at the end of the internship.

  • Both forms can be found in the Mentor Packets:

  • There are other LESSON Evaluation Forms throughout the mentor manual. These LESSON Evaluation Forms DO NOT need to be completed or submitted.

  • The forms should not be given to student but sent directly to NTXSOM office.

  • Forms are required and must be submitted in order to receive a final grade and credit for the course.

  • The Mentor Information Form & Final Evaluation Form should be submitted to the NTXSOM office; options are as follows:

    • Scan/email to

    • or Fax to 682-747-6848, Attn: NTXSOM

    • or Mail to NTD, Attn: NTXSOM, PO Box 838, Waxahachie, TX 75168


  • The Seminar will NOT cover the material in the book.

  • For the Certified and first year students, there will be a very valuable presentation given by the NTD Secretary Treasurer & NTD Credentialing Specialist about the credentialing process. Even if the student is not ready to apply for credentials, we highly recommend that all students make plans to attend this seminar.

  • Licensed & Ordained student seminar will be given by NTD leadership.

Very Important- if the student has not yet completed the course manual or meeting with their mentor, they are still highly encouraged to attend the seminar in Waxahachie.

Internship Schedule



  • Remaining balance of $100 for this course is due.

  • An online payment form will be sent out to all enrolled. 


  • Students from all campuses will attend the Waxahachie Campus for the seminar.  

  • Important- If the student has not yet completed the Internship at this point; they should still make plans to attend the seminar. They can test at a later date.

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