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Global University Student Portal

The North Texas School of Ministry is a Global University, Berean School of the Bible Study Group. NTX School of Ministry students are also enrolled with Global University.

Instructions to access GU Student Portal:


  2. Sign in with Student ID and Password

Through the Student Portal, you can access various study tools for the courses you are currently enrolled in:

  • PDF digital download of the course manual

    • Select Course from My Active Courses dashboard

    • Resources from the menu on the left

    • Course PDF

  • Optional Assignments

    • Online practice exams are found under the Assignments tab. They are not required & are ungraded. ​

  • Required Final Examination & Service Learning Requirement (SLR) are found under the Assignments tab. 

  •  Do not order courses through the GU Student Portal. As a NTXSOM, you will need to register for courses through this website with the Current Student Registration Form. 

Special instructions: THE 152, Assemblies of God History, Missions, & Governance:

  1. GU Student Portal

  2. Sign in with Student ID and Password

  3. Select course from Active Courses dashboard

  4. Click on "Begin Studying" on the left

  5. Click the box labeled "1 Download IST" 

  6. Click the title on this document to download the course manual for

"THE 152 The Assemblies of God: History, Missions, and Governance"


  • The practice exams that can usually be found on the portal are not available yet with this course. However, the same practice exams and keys are found in the course manual. 

  • When you are ready to take the exam and submit the SLR, please contact the NTXSOM office for instructions. 

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